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Cycleplus is a new business set up repairing carbon fibre bicycle frames. We have been involved in the bicycle industry for the past 20 years. Over the past number of years, Carbon fibre bikes are becoming the norm for Sportive right through to competitive riders. This is due to its rigidity and weight characteristics. Cyclists are demanding lighter and stiffer frames for higher performance.

Unfortunately, due to crashes or dropping carbon bikes and side impacts, Carbon fibre Frames can be prone to impact damage resulting in cracks. In days of old, these frames were stripped and put away in the shed never to be ridden again. However, nowadays they can be repaired and ridden as if they were never damaged in the first place.

The key to repairing Carbon frames is to repair them back to their original strength but without affecting the flex/stiffness that the original manufacturer intended for the frame. This is now a service offered by Cycleplus.

Steve and the team